Judge Dolly M. Gee set the hearing for final approval of the settlement on December 2, 2016 at 10 a.m. at the United States District Court for the Central District of California, 350 W. First Street, Courtroom 8C, Los Angeles, CA .

[ 7/29/16 ] HEARING ON PRELIMINARY APPROVAL - Judge Dolly M. Gee grants preliminary approval of the settlement and sets the hearing for final approval of the settlement on December 2, 2016. You may read the order here.

[ 7/1/16 ] MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY APPROVAL FILED - Counsel for the plaintiffs filed the unopposed motion for preliminary approval of the settlement. You may read the motion and the settlement terms here.

[ 3/16/16 ] SETTLEMENT REACHED - Counsel for the plaintiffs and defendants, with the mediation assistance of U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick J. Walsh, reach a settlement. You may read the press release here.



Rodriguez et al v. City of Los Angeles, Case No. 11-CV-01135

Please click the links below to read the Notice of Settlement in the gang injunction curfew class action case. The Notice of Settlement explains your rights to participate in the various parts of the settlement. It also explains what parts of the settlement may be available to certain members of your family.

The settlement will provide these benefits to class members:

  • Education, job training, job placement services, or services to support you in your current job, for you or a close family member, with a monetary stipend available for certain portions of the training;
  • An expedited process for you to apply to get off the gang injunction;
  • Tattoo removal services; and
  • Stopping the LAPD from enforcing certain provisions of the injunctions;
  • The settlement benefits are not available yet. If the Judge grants final approval of the settlement on December 2, 2016, the benefits will become available.

The Notice of Settlement also explains what you need to do if you: (1) want to participate in the settlement and have questions about it, OR (2) object to the settlement and wish to be heard at the December 2, 2016 hearing. If you object, your objection must be postmarked no later than October 27, 2016. Please read the Notice of Settlement for more info.

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