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How do I get off of the gang injunction?

Getting "off" of the gang injunction is really getting removed from the group of people that the injunction is enforced against. In fact, most people who are served with the gang injunction are not named on it in the first place. Right now, the process of getting removed is left 100% up to what the City of Los Angeles wants to do. You can file a petition/request to be removed from gang injunction enforcement. But, there is no court hearing and no one but the City of Los Angeles makes the decision. The gang curfew case lawyers, Orange Law Offices and HSRR, LLP, are not a part of this decision and do not endorse the City's process.

The City says that you may be removed from the gang injunction only if you can provide enough information to the City to "positively confirm" that:

  • You no longer are, or you never were, a member of the gang named in the Gang Injunction; and
  • You are not now acting, and you will not in the future act, to promote, further, or assist any of the activities prohibited by the Gang Injunction on behalf of the gang named in the Gang Injunction; and
  • You are not a member of any other criminal street gang.

The City requires that you fill out and turn in a removal form on which you must include very detailed information about yourself and your activities. You can download the form by clicking this link:

[ Gang Injunction Removal Form ] / [ En Espanol ]


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